Auxiliary Services

  • General Insurance

    We can provide you advice right from selection of an Insurance Company, risk management, policy wordings, coverage, administering all your endorsements and amendments, tracking your renewals and undertaking the renewal process with equal rigor as that of the first placement.

  • Financial Planning

    We can help assess and advice you on your entire financial planning which includes helping you ascertain coverage for your Term insurance, asset allocation etc.

    Financial planning process is a personal financial planning process that assists you in

    1. Asset allocation, keeping in mind present and future inflation
    2. Ascertaining the coverage required for your Term Insurance
    3. Tax planning
    4. Ascertaining Mediclaim Insurance requirements etc.
  • Tax Planning

    We can advise you in your Tax planning matters.

  • Consultancy in General Insurance Claims

    We can assist you in providing end-to-end services at the time of placing your claim, and in the later stage during filing and handling Consumer Forum cases at District, State and Nation level.